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We are proud and passionate to provide you with our environment friendly products. All of our kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable. By Going Green, your action contributes to the upward surge in environment protection and we thank you for your contribution.

To “Go Green” is not a slogan, it is an action. 

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Save 10%
Micro - Black Kraft Bags
Sale priceFrom $28.80 Regular price$32
Micro - Black Kraft Bags100/500 BAGS PER CARTON
Save 20%Sold out
Small - Flowers Printing Brown Kraft Bags
Save 10%Sold out
Wider Large - White Kraft BagsWider Large - White Kraft Bags
Sale price$97.20 Regular price$108
Wider Large - White Kraft Bags250 Bags per Carton
Save 10%Sold out
Narrow Small - Brown Kraft Bags Rope Handle
Save 10%Sold out
Higher Mini - White Kraft Bags
Sale price$69.75 Regular price$77.50
Higher Mini - White Kraft Bags250 Bags per Carton
Save 5%
Mini - Brown Kraft BagsMini - Brown Kraft Bags
Sale price$68.88 Regular price$72.50
Mini - Brown Kraft Bags250 Bags per Carton
Save 5%Sold out
Narrow Higher Medium - White Kraft BagsNarrow Higher Medium - White Kraft Bags

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