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Paper bags: A Sustainable Choice for Green Living.

Bags as an alternative to plastics, bags are greener due to their eco-friendliness, attractiveness, and strength not only from an economic point of view but also on a global level. Your move toward these bags not only implies reducing your carbon footprint, but it also points towards creating a better future through sustainability.

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Save 20%
Micro - Black Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $15.20 Regular price$19
Micro - Black Paper Bags50-500 BAGS PER CARTON
Size: 165Hx140Wx75G(mm)
Save 20%
Higher Mini - White Paper Bags
Sale price$62 Regular price$77.50
Higher Mini - White Paper Bags250 Bags per Carton
Size: 230Hx180Wx100G(mm)
Save 10%
Medium - White Paper BagsMedium - White Paper Bags
Sale price$85.50 Regular price$95
Medium - White Paper Bags250 Bags per Carton
Size: 320Hx260Wx120G(mm)
Save 20%
Micro - Brown Paper BagsMicro - Brown Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $14.40 Regular price$18
Micro - Brown Paper Bags50-500 BAGS PER CARTON
Size: 165Hx140Wx75G(mm)
Save 10%
Small - Black Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $36 Regular price$40
Small - Black Paper Bags100/250 Bags per Carton
Size: 290Hx205Wx110G(mm)
Save 10%
Small - Brown Paper BagsSmall - Brown Paper Bags
Sale price$70.20 Regular price$78
Small - Brown Paper Bags250 Bags per Carton
Size: 290Hx205Wx110G(mm)
Save 10%Sold out
Small - Lake Blue Paper Bags
Sale price$76.50 Regular price$85
Small - Lake Blue Paper Bags250 Bags per Carton
Size: 290Hx205Wx110G(mm)
Save 10%
Lower Micro - Brown Paper BagsLower Micro - Brown Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $26.10 Regular price$29
Lower Micro - Brown Paper Bags100-500 BAGS PER CARTON
Size: 100Hx150Wx70G(mm)
Mini - Cherry Blossom Pink Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $34
Mini - Cherry Blossom Pink Paper Bags100/250 Bags per Carton
Size: 200Hx195Wx110G(mm)
Save 10%
Narrow Small - White Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $36 Regular price$40
Narrow Small - White Paper Bags100 Bags per Carton
Size: 265Hx160Wx60G(mm)
Save 10%
Higher Mini - Brown Paper BagsHigher Mini - Brown Paper Bags
Sale price$63 Regular price$70
Higher Mini - Brown Paper Bags250 Bags per Carton
Size: 230Hx180Wx100G(mm)
Save 10%
Mini - Black Paper Bags
Sale priceFrom $30.60 Regular price$34
Mini - Black Paper Bags100/250 Bags per Carton
Size: 200Hx195Wx110G(mm)

Let' Go Green

We are proud and passionate to provide you with our environment friendly products. All of our kraft bags are 100% recyclable. By Going Green, your action contributes to the upward surge in environment protection and we thank you for your contribution.

To “Go Green” is not a slogan, it is an action. 

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Paper Bags

Paper bags are bags composed of paper, commonly known as kraft paper. Depending on the customers’ required needs or wants, a bag can be made from virgin or recycled fibres. Many customers use them as substitutes to plastic bags, they are commonly used as shopping carrier bags, packaging consumer goods, groceries bags, electronic as well as other various goods that may fit in the bags.

Are paper bags recyclable?

Yes, bags are recyclable and can be placed in most curbside recycling bins.

How strong are paper bags?

The strength of a paper bag depends on its thickness and the quality of the paper used. Some bags are very sturdy and can hold heavy items, while others may be more suitable for light, non-perishable goods.

Most of our bags are made from 110 gsm (grams per square meter) kraft paper which are generally quite strong. As a rough estimate, a bag made of 110 gsm kraft paper should be able to comfortably hold around 1.5 to 3 kg (3.3 to 6.6 pounds) of weight, making them suitable for light to medium weight items such as groceries, clothing, and small gifts.

Can paper bags be reused?

Yes, bags can be reused multiple times before they wear out. You can also use them for other purposes, like wrapping presents or making crafts.

What types of paper bags are there?

There are many types of bags, including grocery bags, shopping bags, gift bags, food bags, and pharmacy bags. They can be made with different types of paper, such as brown, white, or coloured, and can be plain or printed with designs or logos.

Are paper bags more expensive than plastic bags?

Generally, producing bags is more expensive than producing plastic bags because they require more material and energy. However, our bags can be reused in many ways before they're discarded, and often look more appealing and high-quality.

How are bags customised?

Our bags can be customized using various printing methods for wholesalers, such as flexography, offset, digital, or screen printing. They can be printed with logos, designs, or messages as required. You can visit our custom printed bags for more information.

Why Choose Go Green Paper Bags for Wholesalers & Retailers

At Go Green Paper Bags, we are committed to providing high-quality, eco-friendly bags for all your needs. Whether you're looking for durable retail bags, stylish gift bags, or custom bags for special events, we have the perfect solution for you.

Why Choose Our Paper Bags?

  • Eco-Friendly: Our products are made from 100% recyclable materials, helping you reduce your environmental footprint.
  • High Quality: Sturdy and reliable, our bags are designed to hold up under any condition.
  • Versatile Designs: Available in a variety of sizes and styles, go green bags are perfect for retail, gifts, and events.
  • Fast Delivery: We offer quick and reliable shipping across Australia.
  • Affordable Prices: Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on quality for Wholesalers.

Shop Our Range

Explore our extensive collection of products:

  • Retail Bags: Ideal for boutiques, shops, and markets.
  • Gift Bags: Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and holidays.
  • Custom Bags: Personalized with your logo or design for a unique touch.

Our Paper Bag Varieties for Wholesalers

  • Brown Bags: Classic and versatile for any occasion.
  • White Bags: Sleek and elegant for a clean look.
  • Gift Bags: Stylish and perfect for presents.
  • Small Bags: Convenient for smaller items and gifts.
  • Black Bags: Bold and sophisticated for a premium feel.

Join us in making a difference by choosing sustainable, eco-friendly bags. Order now and enjoy fast delivery and unbeatable prices. Together, we can create a greener future.

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