21 Things You Should Know About Paper Bags

Here are 14 cool things to know about Paper Bags, curated from a list of frequently asked questions, including everything you need to know about Paper Bags, from manufacturing to application and waste management.


  1. What are Paper Bags made of?

Generally, Paper Bags are made from recycled paper, which is collected and processed in recycling paper mills. Unless needed, Paper Bags are also made from raw pulp extracted from trees, a renewable resource.


  1. What are Paper Bags used for?

Paper Bags with handles can be used as retail shopping bags, hospitality takeaway bags and any other application involving merchandise where users need a handle for ease of carrying. Paper Bags without handles can be used to carry bottles, groceries, lighter products - also known as grocery Paper Bags.


  1. Are Paper Bags better than Plastic Bags?

Paper Bags are better from an environmental and eco-friendly perspective as they are considered compostable and biodegradable and do not add to landfill waste as plastic bags do. From a cost and efficiency point of view, plastic bags are cheaper and usually provide greater tensile strength to carry weight.


  1. What are the disadvantages of using Paper Bags compared with Plastic Bags?

Paper Bags are not as waterproof as plastic bags. Paper Bags take up more storage space than plastic bags. Paper Bags are more expensive than plastic bags.


  1. Why are Paper Bags more environmentally friendly than plastic ones?

Paper Bags decompose faster than plastic bags and can be recycled/reused, thus promoting a circular economy and reducing the need for new raw materials to produce new bags.


  1. Are Brown Paper Bags more eco-friendly than White Paper Bags?

Brown Paper Bags are usually made from recycled materials, sometimes up to 100% recycled, while White Paper Bags are often made from raw materials and may be bleached white for display purposes. More recycled content means less use of fresh pulp, making it more environmentally friendly.


  1. Is there a difference in strength of Brown vs White Paper Bags?

The recycled components in Brown Paper Bags make the Paper Bags less strong compared to White Paper Bags, which may be made from raw pulp, the stronger raw material itself.


  1. Can Paper Bags be customized with branding and logo printing?

All Paper Bags including Paper Bags with handles, Paper Bags with Windows can be custom printed with the required artwork, logo, etc.


  1. Can you make Paper Bags of any size, i.e. of any length, width or height?

Paper Bags can be made in a variety of industry standard sizes, but there are minimum and maximum measurements, such as length, width or height. Standard sizes are using automatic machines, while custom sizes beyond a certain manufacturing capacity are usually made by hand.


  1. Are Paper Bags compostable?

In general, yes - Paper Bags are considered compostable in industrial compost unless they are lined or have any type of plastic film window.


  1. What is better for Paper Bags – Composting or Recycling?

Given the nature of the raw material and use, recycled paper is more environmentally friendly than compost, as the recycled contents can be reused for other paper applications, while fresh pulp can be made into paper. By composting paper, it removes raw materials from the supply and demand cycle.


  1. How much are the Paper Bags?

Prices vary depending on size, raw materials used, quantity produced, factory location and plain or custom printing. The average price of Paper Bags from smallest to largest ranges from AUD$0.03 to $0.60 per bag.


  1. Are Paper Bags reusable?

If done properly, Paper Bags can be reused until their structure is intact. You can fold up unused Paper Bags and store them in your home or office so that you can carry items when you need them.


  1. Does the handle need to be the same color as the Paper Bags?

No, you can choose a different color of handle than the Paper Bags.


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