How Consumers Can Get More Out of Paper Bags

In today’s world, there is an increasing concern about the overuse of plastic bags, particularly their contribution to land pollution and marine litter. Whether for food, fashion, electronics or decorative items, paper carrier bags are popular among consumers and retailers as they are strong and reliable shopping companions that have sustainable environmental benefits. 79% of the consumers think that paper bags are more pleasant to handle and touch. 

Paper Bags are:

  • Natural, renewable and ever-growing resource
  • Natural compostable characteristics do not harm sea life
  • Develop the brand image of the business
  • Have a low climate impact
  • Resistant & Economical

Consumers are found more bound to keep their custom paper bags over plastic bags due to their aesthetic and sentimental appeal, resulting in increased reuse and upcycling. Now, let’s learn how you can get more out of paper bags:

1) Convert them to organizers: 

Try reusing your paper grocery bags as organizers in your kitchen or storeroom. If your grocery bags are sturdy enough, cut them into storage boxes and you can paint them with acrylic craft paints for a bright pop of color.

2) Make plant pot cover: 

Use your brown paper bags to make custom planters designed using paint or sketch pens.

3) Use in your trash can: 

In order to cut down the usage of plastic, insert a used paper bag into your trash can and thus, give your bag a second chance. 

4) Table placements: 

Another creative way is to cut down your paper bag to a rectangular shape for the kid’s table, and then complete the design with packs of crayons or a paint pen.

5) Use for compost: 

Collect all the paper bag trash and kitchen scraps along with other compost items, food scraps and dump them out directly into the compost pile.

6) Wrapping paper: 

Stockpile neat and clean brown paper bags and you can use them later to wrap your favorite books, kids’ textbooks, gifts, etc. If you wish to bring in more customization, then you can personalize the wraps with embellishments such as paint, glitters, stickers or ribbons. 

7) Kid’s art activities: 

Paper bags can be also used to make kid-friendly crafts like masks for Halloween or playtime, colorful party piñata, brown bag wreaths, cartoon gift bags, kites, tags and much more.

8) Traveling containers: 

Don’t mess up with extra boxes while traveling. Make use of your paper bags to load up your clothes, books, food, water and other travel essentials which makes packing easier during your car trips.  

9) Clean windows: 

Cleaning your windows with a paper bag along with white vinegar leaves behind a streak-free shine.


As we discussed, paper bags are recyclable, and therefore it makes sense that they’re the perfect storage for any materials. Use of paper bags should be relished at every opportunity as they are versatile, easy to use, look fancy, biodegradable, recyclable and a beautiful gift to the earth.

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